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By Jeff Stultz

Forward by John Baker

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"Off the Chain" in Ft Wayne!



I'll never forget my time at The Chapel!


3 amazing days with Pastors Rick and Cathy Hawks and so many others from The Chapel in Ft Wayne Indiana.  I had met Pastors Rick and Cathy several years ago but never really had an opportunity to spend any time with them.  Getting to know them a little better has truly been one of the highlights of my time on the road.  What an amazing couple and what an amazing ministry at The Chapel.


I was blessed to share a message at 3 services and round out my time by sharing my testimony at their Celebrate Recovery 11th Anniversary Celebration.  They even let me ride my Harley up on stage after Pastor Rick introduced me!  I met and spent time with so many amazing people during these 3 days it's a little overwhelming.  I was made feel so special. 


God really did something in me during this 3 days that's hard to describe.  But you'll begin to see it if you watch closely.  God gave me some instructions and I've learned to follow His instructions!  In fact He's challenged me to move to another level.  It's the great honor of my life to be used by Him and I hope, as I work towards the goal, that He'll use me in even more ways than I ever imagined possible.


Thank you Pastor Rick for inviting me and trusting me to share with your congregation and thanks to all of my family at The Chapel who touched my life in an amazing way.  The blessing from this trip was all mine!

Hands and Feet of Jesus under the Jefferson St. Bridge

07/10/2018 Under the Bridge


If you want to experience the Spirit of God first hand.  If you want to see the actual hands and feet of Jesus you have to spend a Tuesday night under the Jefferson Street Bridge with Candy Christmas and her crew from the Bridge Ministry!


In 2006, as a homeless crack addict I used to come under the bridge to eat on Tuesdays.  I didn't care to hear the Gospel singing or the preaching, it was just a good place to get a bite and connect with others that I knew in the homeless community.  I had no idea that God was working on me every time I was there.


Fast forward, 12 years later, 2018.  I'm so blessed that when I'm in the area on a Tuesday night Candy gives me the opportunity to share in the very place I spent so much time as a homeless addict.  This year was amazing as usual but in it's own special way.  I brought a tough but real message geared towards the 1, not the 99.  It's different to share with hundreds of lost, hurting, homeless folks than it is to share a message to a church full of Christians.  However, because these are "my people" they will listen to a hard message from me.  I'm uniquely qualified to speak in to their lives and I'm grateful.


I was joined again this year by many of my Broken Chains and Celebrate Recovery Forever Family.  It was a blessing to see so many that I love serving, sharing, praying, and slinging hope to these folks who are desperately grasping for it.


For more information about The Bridge Ministry and/or my friend Candy Christmas check out

2018 East Coast Summit of Faith

Wow, wow, Wow! What an amazing Summit! It took me a few days to catch my breath and upload all these photos.

The workshops were fantastic, the testimonies amazing, the insight gained incredible, and the entertainment touched my heart. The overall message was "Off the Chain". 

Change is possible. God loves us and we matter to Him. Hope is real! 
Broken Chains members did an amazing job as they served, shared, sacrificed, and prayed. We had 189 people join, adding a couple of states and Haiti! 

I'm truly honored to be at the helm of what God is doing in Broken Chains and I'm honored to serve in the life changing ministry of Celebrate Recovery. God is changing the world through us broken people! See you at Saddleback!

Celebrate Recovery East Coast Summit 2017 at

World Outreach Center in Murfreesboro, TN was off the chain!


Celebrate Recovery leaders and participants from all over the country came together for 3 days of worship, fellowship, testimony, and training.  The CR National team took on relevant topics like the legalization of marijuana and the opioid epidemic.  Great talks from John Townsend and Henry Cloud.  For King and Country brought it.  Comedy with a purpose and message from the Skit Guys and an emotional outpouring from Hoseanna Poetry. 

Broken Chains were front and center everywhere you looked.  Serving, sharing, encouraging, and riding for Christ’s sake.  It was undeniable how God was at work in and through the ministry of bikers, hope dealers sharing with others what God’s done in their lives through Celebrate Recovery.

Finally, a personal dream come true.  I was honored and blessed to share the hope and healing God’s done in my life with thousands who were in attendance.  I poured out my heart and God used me to reach out and touch their lives.  The response was overwhelming.  As I left the auditorium hundreds approached me, one by one to share the hope they’d received as a result of what God’s done in my life.  

10 years ago I had no idea what God had in store for me.  I certainly never imagined that He could use the mess of my life to share His love with so many others.  Next stop, Saddleback.  The West Coast Summit!  It’s gonna be Epic!   

What's up Forever Family!  As I've been travelling over the last year many media outlets have taken an interest in the message, "Change is Possible".  As they should.  What we experience in the ministry of Celebrate Recovery is real New Testament stuff!  Can you imagine if we had radio, newspapers, tv, and social media 2000 years ago?  Jesus would have been the Headline News everyday!  As I travel and share my story of His Love and the miracles He's performed in me and so many others I'm honored that newspapers, radio shows, podcasts, and tv are interested in knowing about this man, our Higher Power, Jesus Christ.  Here are a couple of recent opportunities I've had to share in the mainstream media.  #makingJesusfamous.


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