Jeff Stultz is uniquely qualified to share the Good News with a great number of people that others might not be able to reach.  However, he can’t do it alone. 

There are many opportunities to partner with the Motorcycle Missionary ….. prayer, sharing about the mission, encouragement, and financial support are crucial to the success of this ministry. Everyone can do something and everything is greatly appreciated. 

"Jeff Stultz is              uniquely qualified..."

There are many costs involved including gas, meals, time away from his job, and resources for handout, vehicle maintenance and helping individuals in need.  It requires so much in order to share the mission and reach people around the country. Truth is, he would shoulder the entire cost alone, which he has done for some time, but in order to reach people, where they are and fund the growth of this ministry, we need partners. The Good News is free but it’s certainly not cheap! 

"There are many costs involved..."


Please prayerfully consider partnering with us.